PSA: Buyer beware of

I consider this a Public Service Announcement.

Last Christmas my wife purchased a gift-card from for a Discovery Flight. The idea of it, is by far one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received.

Unfortunately, it appears that the folks at may be defrauding the public. Since September of 2007 I have tried to use my gift card, but have been unable to do so thus far. Where did the problems start?

First the phone number on the gift card were to their sales line. I was then given another phone number to the agent line for booking. When calling the agent line, two out of three calls result in getting a voice mail box. I have left more than half-a-dozen voice mails, none of which were returned. One in three calls, I actually talked to someone who took some information, told me that they had a flight school in my area and would call me back in 1-2 days with a scheduled date & time. So far, I have talked to 4 different agents and have received zero return calls. Moreover the email address on their website bounced back as an invalid email address.

On around Thanksgiving of 2007, I decided to do a search on this company (as you may have done) and soon discovered that several other folks have had issues using this service as well. As of December 4, 2007, I am still and unsatisfied customer who believes that a loved one was ripped off $100.00.

I'm not saying that they are a scam. But my experience has left a decidedly bad taste and I cannot recommend them to anyone. Bottom Line: Buyer Beware!

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