Take a bite out of the Apple iPhone

I recently took a dive into smart phones with an Apple iPhone 8gb model.

Why I bought one:

  1. It has a large view screen, compared to the competition.
  2. My old MP3 player was starting to crap out (technical term).
  3. A full web-browser, even if it is Safari. (I prefer Firefox).
  4. It can connect to WiFi.
  5. It looks cool.

Things I wish it had (the early list):

  1. G3 capabilities
  2. A SD or Compact Flash card slot
  3. 3. Ability to replace the battery
  4. A better user/getting started guide in the box
  5. Ability to drag & drop files from Window's Explorer -- that is unchain it from iTunes.

Early Issues:

  1. Connecting to my WiFi -- I will blog on this soon, hopefully it will help someone else out.
  2. Music "Synch" being set to "ON" by default instead of set to manually manage. When set to "synch" you cannot drag & drop music from iTunes to the iPhone

I've had the phone a week and once I got past my early issues, I have really enjoyed it.

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