Second Tivo HD

Well I liked the first Tivo HD so much, that I decided to replace our downstairs Comcast DVR with another Tivo. It is really cool to be able to transfer shows between the two. All that said, I have ran into one glaring issue this time around.

The installation of the cablecard (M-Card) has not gone too smoothly. Earlier today I swapped out the first Cablecard I got, because after pairing it would not show any channels past 23, except for the local channels in HD that are "in the clear". Later I put in the new cable card, called in and asked them to pair the card. But no dice. It looks to me like it is an issue on Comcast end, as the Conditional Access screen only show's three lines, whereas my upstairs Tivo HD shows much more information on this page.

As much as a I hate to do so, I must give kudos to two of the Comast phone tech's. I talked to two individuals that were extremely friendly, and has actually performed some Cablecard initializations before. The second guy, was even better because he had work with Tivo's, and knew where they kept their internal documentation on such.

With a little luck, I will be able to get this worked out this weekend.

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