Stung by HD-DVD

OK. I know I'm late in reporting this. But in February, Toshiba shuttered HD-DVD. With the loss of Warner Bros. it was hard to blame them.

In retrospect I should have seen this coming. I seem to be a champion for ill-fated on-the-cusp electronics. You see last fall I championed the idea of a HD-DVD player as a good Christmas gift idea. Low and behold, Ms. Claus was kind enough to pick me up the HD-A2 player. I was thrilled. Movies on it are spectacular. It does a great job up-converting regular DVDs and true HD-DVD movies are stunning. Plus the sound rocks.

Never-the-less, I am a bit bummed about the demise of the format. Since the announcement, I've been debating over should I pick-up a second player on the cheap and invest in some more HD-DVD flicks as retailers reduce them to get rid of them. Or should I simply bide my time, save my cash and wait for a reasonably priced Blu-Ray player?

In the mean while, I'm enjoying HD-DVD flicks from Netflix, while I can.

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