Hello Tivo

For years I have had a Comcast DVR and I have even attempted to build my DVR, but as of a couple of days ago I have delved into the world of Tivo.

So why Tivo? For me it was a combo of:

  • It is networkable and networked Tivo's can share recordings.
  • Hooked to broadband, you can download content from third parties like Amazon's Unbox and other services.. it would be really cool if it would talk with Netflix.
  • I've always heard that it has a better interface than Comcast's DVR
  • I'm tired of renting equipment that has periodic increases -- even though I did not get new equipment when the price was increased. Thanks Comcast, love you too!
  • All that said, I'm also an HDTV junkie. I have a problem, I really do. I have three HD set's and only two of them have HD service. But that will be a problem of the past as soon as I get my digital cable card installed into the Tivo box.

    With a little luck, and perhaps some kool-aid, I will probably be a Tivo devotee(sp?) a week from now. ;-)

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