Where do you shop for Technical Books?

Often times I hear developers complaining about the high cost of technology books. I'm right there with them. So many of the books feel over priced. In particular, you hate to buy one only to find out as you dig into it that it really isn't what you were looking for.

So what do I do? Well for starters I buy the majority of my computer books at BookPool.com. They always have good prices and they run great specials throughout the year. I have bought books from them since 2000.

In fact, I will even tell you that they do not currently have a ton of customer reviews and ratings on their books. Because of that, I often look up the books at Amazon, then compare the price at BookPool. In most cases BookPool beats Amazon's price.

As for is this book really what I'm looking for. Well unless you have a local book store that happens to have the book in stock, its hard to say. But at least with BookPool, you can save some bucks.

Disclaimer: I use BookPool's service on a regular basis and am just passing word on to my fellow software developers and tech heads. I have not been paid for this endorsement.

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Thanks for the tip Ted. It's always good to save a few bucks on books that are outdated usually before they arrive.
# Posted By Chris McGrath | 4/18/08 8:58 PM
Unfortunately, it Looks like BookPool.com is no more. My guess is that this tough economy has put them out of business based on information I have been able to gather on the web.
# Posted By Ted | 5/4/09 7:35 PM
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