Howdy Omaha!

Well, I just spent a couple of nights in Omaha down in the Old Town district, and we had a great time. My wife and I ventured out that way for a college graduation ceremony -- way to go Teri on your Masters of Science in Nursing.

We had a great time catching up with family and making some new friends. We stayed at a nice boutique hotel call "The Magnolia". Overall it was a nice hotel and we are glad we stayed there. However, we felt like some of their renovations were short sighted. For instance the tile shower was a little too slick and the lip was too low, which resulted in water getting into the bathroom floor. However, it was much better than some of the hotels I have stayed in in Amsterdam.

We checked out the Ameristar Casino seafood buffet in nearby Council Bluffs (just across the river), and it was worth the wait. Lots of really good food. I really enjoyed the southwest chicken. Gillian loved the create your own pasta area. If you go, go hungry, and be prepared to wait for a table if you have a large party.

The Old Market district was a blast, lots of great places to eat and shop. We checked out a great little brewery, I believe it was the Upstream Brewery. We also had a great lunch at the Dolcie Cafe.

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I can see that you are a man of fine tastes and habits. In a recent stay in Havana, we usually spend the winter in Belize, I had an audacious experience with a so-called server. I had ordered tea to help cleanse my pallet of the well prepared dinner that we were dining on. Now when I drink tea I maintain a precise level of sweetener to liquid ratio. (.25 grams to each 1 milliliter) This is important to mention because when the server returned to our table he immediately refilled my glass without consulting me first. I feel justified in my actions as it was obviously necessary to verbally berate the fool then beat him solidly with the napkin holder. My question comes into play here, how much should I tip? Other than this one unfortunate situation the overall dining experience was pleasant.
# Posted By bobbitt | 5/20/08 4:28 PM
@Bobbitt -- When in foreign lands I find it best to tip in the 3-5% range if the server did their job as expected. If they go above and beyond, then I might double that tip. Though many of my UK friends would suggest that you don't tip for anyone that simply does their job. In the cases of "unfortunate situations" I some times dock... or leave mocking little messages on the receipt. ;-)
# Posted By Ted | 5/20/08 7:07 PM
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