Joel S. tells Developers to, "Updgrade your career"

I don't know if you read Joel on Software or not. I think it is certainly worth keeping up with if you are a software developer or an IT manager. His concepts on work environment are fantastic, but not for the faint of companies.

In one of his most recent articles Joel points out that most software developers are unhappy with their job and their work-place environment. You should check it out the article:

I have worked at a number of places as a software developer over the past 10 years. My favorite to date was echomusic (or just echo). Did I have my own private office? No, in fact I gave up an office to take the job. Did I look forward to going into work every day? Yes. Yes I did. Why? Because they treated people well and they had an awesome workplace vibe and respect for each other.

As my own software company grows, I am going to try to mimic things that FogCreek and echo did in order to have a company that people want to work at. In my opinion more companies need to take a similar approach.

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