Guitar gear

It occurred to me today that though I've been meaning to blog about my guitar gear, I never actually have.

I have two guitars, and I suppose you could say that I have been playing since late 2007. I think hacking around on them, attempting to play a complete song is more accurate.

My first guitar, "Laura", is an acoustic Gregg Bennett Guitar (, built by Samick. This was a gift from my wonderful wife back in 2007. It is a great guitar and I think it is particularly great for hobbyist. It has some nice features like a built in tuner, and pickup, plus it sounds awesome... especially in the hands of someone that knows how to play well.

My second guitar is a Fender Telecaster Blackout. I purchased it in late May. It is my first electric and I love it. It has a black body with a black pick guard and oak neck. It is similar to a Nashville Telecaster in that it has three pick-ups, but unlike the Nashville Telecaster it has two Telecaster pick-ups and one Strat pick-up.

To go along with the Telecaster I picked up a Line-6 Spider III 30w amplifier and it has more than enough punch for my practice space. I also have a Little Smokey pocket amp which is fun for playing around with out on the back porch with either guitar.

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