TiVo hard drive upgrade

So a while back I posted that one of our TiVo's was freezing up and that I was planning to upgrade the hard drive. Well I did indeed do that. I would like to say it resolved all of the issues, but it did not. I think that there was an errant software upgrade.

Any how on to the upgrade, at one time I thought about documenting all the steps, but to be honest there are some great documents on this already. In fact, I have to give credit to Weakness.com for a great installation guide. In fact, if you are looking for a complete kit, or to have someone perform the upgrade for you, this is a good place to go.

    So for my system I did the following:
  1. Picked up a Western Digital 1TB AV-GP SATA drive from Amazon.com
  2. I wanted to clone my drive, so I also picked up an external SATA hard drive dock from Amazon. I went with a dual one by StarTech, which allowed me to have both the old drive and new drive plugged in at the same time for easier duplication.
  3. Followed these PDF instructions compliments of Weaknees.com: http://www.weaknees.com/instructions/tivo-hd-value-upgrade-instructions.pdf
  4. I also downloaded a ISO bootable image with a file called WDIDLE on it to disable energy saving feature on the WD hard drive. It is important to do this with this drive, else it will not soft-reboot correctly and you will have to yank the cord and go through the boot-up phase multiple times. You will have to do some Google searches to find this. Also, at least one image I found, did not boot correctly for me, but I did find one that worked.
  5. Before installing the new drive I cloned the old one using an application called WinMFS, available for free at: http://www.mfslive.org/winmfs/
  6. Finished following the instructions on installation of the new drive.

95% of this went really smoothly for me. The most time intensive portion was finding a copy of the WDIDLE app with a bootable image that my laptop would recognize and the time it took to clone the drive. I had a lot of HD video on the old drive and it took a good 6 hours to clone. Fortunately you can leave this running unattended.

Once I had all of that done, and the new drive in the TiVo, it came up swimmingly. The response time is a bit better, and I now have about 120 hours worth of HD video space as oppose to about 20-25 hours.

We did still have a few issues with the system rebooting, but this was greatly reduced after I placed an a valid copy of WDIDLE on the drive and set a really long time delay on when to "sleep." There is supposedly an older version of this utility out there that will let you completely disable the sleep function, but I was unable to track it down.

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