Bound CFDIV content caching

Recently I had a CFDIV that was bound to a SELECT box with the intent of showing more details about the selected item. The CFDIV was bound to a CFC method which looked up results from the database and returned the results as an unordered list. But as I was working with this, I ran into instances where the data was not changing as expected. I quickly realized I had a caching issue.

I had heard about a similar issue with CFSELECT, and that a solution seemed to be to use

but that didn't seem to have an effect on the CFDIV.

I believe that the real problem is in Firefox 7.0.1 and it's internal caching. In fact, I did notice that with the Web Developer Toolbar, if I told it to "disable cache" that I got the expected results. Which is good for me, but I cannot expect the end-users to disable their browser cache, and they shouldn't have to do so. So I came up with a simple method of attaching a timestamp for each call.

First I created a function to capture a change event on the SELECT box, when called it sets the event's timestamp to a form object. See the JavaScript below:

function setTimeStamp(strObj, event) {
if(event.timeStamp) {
var ts = event.timeStamp;
} else {
var ts = new Date().getTime();

if(document.getElementById(strObj)) {
document.getElementById(strObj).value = ts;
} else if(document.getElementsByName(strObj)) {
document.getElementsByName(strObj).value = ts;

Next, I added that function to the onChange event of my SELECT box, then I added a hidden field and populated it with the current timestamp.

<select id="category" onChange="setTimeStamp('my_timestamp', event)">

<input type="hidden" id="my_timestamp" value="#dateFormat(now(),'yyyymmdd')#.#timeformat(now(),'HHmmss')#" />

To finish it up, I altered my CFC method to expect a time stamp parameter, and I altered my CFDIV bind so that it was now bound on the SELECT box and the hidden timestamp.

<cfdiv id="mySubCategories" bind="cfc:lib.categoryMgr.getSubCategories({category},{my_timestamp})" bindOnLoad="true">

So now every time my select box value changes, the field my_timestamp gets updated to the millisecond, and the built in AJAX methods fire the request, and Firefox does not cache the result.

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