ColdFusion debugging inside Eclipse

It was recently brought to my attention that with ColdFuson 8 (and above) that Adobe has provided some tools to help developers run real-time debugging in Eclipse. I have played around with it a little bit at work, and I have to say this has been sorely missed. It was available back in versions 4 and 5 in the Homesite+ tool, but was never ported over to Dreamweaver after Macromedia bought Allaire.

One of my favorite things with this, is the ability to dive into the various variables scopes and see what the current values are. This allows you to set breakpoints so you can easily see what is happening, without having to add in CFDUMPs or CFABORTs. Plus it can be used remotely, so you could have a remote test instance with this enabled that would allow you to remotely debug.

Here are some really good resources to get you started with this:

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