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Hello Readers! If you enjoy reading my blog and you are interested in purchasing a Tesla car or solar panels, please consider using my referral code. If you do so before September 16, 2018, you can unlimited Supercharging for any vehicle you purchase (i.e. Model S, X, or 3).

I do not have my Tesla Model 3 yet, but I have configured and ordered one. Now I am waiting (somewhat) patiently for delivery.

Until next time... Cheers!

Wait, what happened to 2014?

So way back at the end of 2013, I told myself that as a New Year's Resolution I should attempt to write one blog entry every two weeks. Well, here it is the first full week of August 2014 and I have only written two blog entries, if you include this one. So much for that resolution, eh?

So, the past 365 days have been a bit of a blur for me. Let's do a quick recap, shall we?

  • August 2013 — I left a job as a Coldfusion developer for a senior PHP developer position.
  • October 2013 — I took the family on a Disney Cruise. It was tons of fun.
  • October-December 2013 — Started and completed first two phases of a large project. Got to learn Bootstrap, JSONSchema's, Slim framework, and Mustache templates.
  • January 2014 — I leased an all electric Nissan LEAF. Love it!
  • April 2014 — Put on my Business Analyst hat for 6 weeks, and learned a lot.
  • June 2014 — Transitioned into a Java Developer role, and have learned a lot in a short amount of time.
  • August 2014 — My eldest is about to enter Kindergarten, and I am beyond excited for him. He is more than ready for it.

That is just hitting some of the hi-lights. So, provided life will slow down a little bit, I will be back soon to write about JSON Schema's, life with an EV (electric vehicle), and whatever else seems like a good topic at the time. Until then, kick back and relax.

Sprucing up the code examples....

I have recently decided to switch code examples to GitHub's Gist tool. I am currently in the process of switching out old code examples as time permits, please bear with me. I know that the old code blocks are a bit ugly.

I should also have some new posts dropping soon.

Asus Transformer Prime is charged but screen does not turn on.

I recently purchased and Asus Transformer Prime, and I love it. However a couple of nights ago I was sweating bullets thinking it might be dead. I had charged it up but the device appeared unresponsive when I attempted to turn it on.

I decided to hold the power button down for about a minute to see if I would get a response. Sure enough after about 40 seconds the unit vibrated, though the screen remained off. I recalled that it vibrates when turned off. I left it off for another minute, then I pushed the power button and was greeted with the boot screen. A minute later my Transformer was back on line and ready for use.

Please welcome:

There is a new technology blog out on the internet, called

The idea behind is a simple one, it consists of former echo developers sharing war stories and advice on our various areas of expertise and is a way of giving back to the development community.

My friend and colleague Doli Stepniewski came up with the idea. Doli is an incredibly brilliant technologist and I have had the pleasure of working with him both at SmartDM (now Acxiom Direct) and echo (a former TicketMaster company).

Stone Fort Technology turns 1!

My company, Stone Fort Technology LLC, officially turned 1 on July 10th 2010.

Our first year was great, by an large due to our friends at CompuPay. So a shameless plug for them... if you are looking for a payroll system, CompuPay has some really good tools. Check them out at:

Stone Fort Technology (SFT, as I call it) is ready to serve all of your ColdFusion development needs. Got a project you need help with? Drop us an email and let's start the discussion.

Lose it! for the iPhone now has online back-up support

I really try not to endorse products too much, however I have to give props to those that have really worked for me.

Earlier this year (2009) I was looking for an iPhone app to help me track calories and the food I consume, as I had read that doing this can make a big difference in achieving weight loss goals. So I stumbled across "Lose it!" and have been rocking and rolling ever since. Adding it into my diet and exercise routine has made a world of difference. Best of all it is extremely easy to use. I highly recommend it.

All that said, my point here is that they just released a much needed update that allows users to create an online profile and back their data up to the website. Additionally they have added in community features so that you and your friends can provide encouragement to one another. I highly applaud the online backup and additional reporting capabilities.

This is a great product and if you need help watching your calories, give this a look. Check them out:

Joel S. tells Developers to, "Updgrade your career"

I don't know if you read Joel on Software or not. I think it is certainly worth keeping up with if you are a software developer or an IT manager. His concepts on work environment are fantastic, but not for the faint of companies.

In one of his most recent articles Joel points out that most software developers are unhappy with their job and their work-place environment. You should check it out the article:

I have worked at a number of places as a software developer over the past 10 years. My favorite to date was echomusic (or just echo). Did I have my own private office? No, in fact I gave up an office to take the job. Did I look forward to going into work every day? Yes. Yes I did. Why? Because they treated people well and they had an awesome workplace vibe and respect for each other.

As my own software company grows, I am going to try to mimic things that FogCreek and echo did in order to have a company that people want to work at. In my opinion more companies need to take a similar approach.

Stone Fort Technology logo

After much going back and forth, mostly on color and fonts, I have made a decision on the logo for Stone Fort Technology, here's a look:

Below is the original comps/ideas we received:

fooling around with "plus" addressing

Several month's ago I noticed that one of my webmail clients, SmarterMail, had an option called "Plus Addressing." I didn't have time to look into it at the time, but then I was looking around last night to see if there was an option to create or include a vCard when I send out an email and I ran across this again and decided to take a look at the feature.

For those that do not know, plus addressing allows you to easily create throw away email addresses. Here's an example:

You see, the portion of the email address between the plus symbol and the @ is ignored by the email server and delivers it to the real account. On some email clients, like SmarterMail, you can specify that the item after the plus should be treated like a folder and that items should be moved to said folder if it exists. So in the example above it would land email into the trash folder.

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